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5-Week Makeover Fat Loss For Women Over 40


6 Week Fat Burning & Mind Empowering System For Women :

5-Week Make over fat loss program for women' - tailor-made for women, this program is popular and effective among 40+ women.

Developed by a woman for women, the approach deals with the specifics that cause and affect weight gain in women, at the same time keeping in mind the need to deal with eating habits and exercise.

The make-up of women and the situations that women find themselves in being unique, the system effectively addresses the problem from this angle.

"This has been an eye-opening experience for me. I learned so much about food....reading labels, what to eat, how often, etc. This is the first time I ever saw results like this!," says 44-year-old Babs W in a testimonial.

Similarly, 34-year-old Jan says "The system teaches the mental connection that combines a behavioral & nutritional approach that will help you achieve your goals. Through this program, I have learned to stop being preoccupied with how much I eat and when, and to modify those habits and attitude that prevented me from fat/weight loss."

Jan has lost lost 15.9 lbs of fat after using the system.

Priced at $47, the contents of 'Secrets To Weight Loss For Women' include:

  • 5 Week Makeover Guide – this is a full guide with intro to the diet, workouts, and the mental side of losing weight
  • Fat Melting Meal Plan – tells you what you can eat, what you can’t eat, and example meals
  • 5 Week Makeover Gym Workout – workouts to perform in the gym, including a schedule when to perform the workouts
  • 5 Week Makeover Home Workout – workouts to perform at home using your bodyweight and a swiss ball
  • Fat Burning Exercise Video Vault – complete videos of every single exercise you will be performing in the workouts
  • Quick Fat Loss Checklist – getting you prepared for the weight loss journey
  • Printable Workout, Meal and Progress Logs – track your performance
  • Slim Smoothie Recipe Guide – 10 protein shakes for normal diet days and your cheat day.

Program Positives

  • No drugs
  • No supplements
  • Moneyback Guarantee
  • Develops a well toned female body


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