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Burn The Fat Body Transformation
System Review

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Author: Tom Venuto
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Burn The Fat Review
Tom Venuto

About Tom Venuto: Tom has been bodybuilding since 1983 and competing since 1989 and has additionally been involved in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, health club operator, nutrition consultant, and freelance writer since 1988.

Tom has been recognized by magazine editors and industry experts as one of the nation's leading authorities on fat loss and natural bodybuilding. His formal education includes a degree in exercise science and two certifications; (CSCS)& (NSCA). He is also a current member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and the International Society for Sports Nutrition (ISSN).

Review of Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat
Body Transformation System


  • Burn Only Fat If You Wish
  • Burn Fat As Well As Build Your Muscles
  • No Special Equipment Needed
  • No Special Foods Needed
  • Remain Fit And Healthy For Life
  • 8 Week Moneyback Guarantee
Burn the fat feed the muscle by tom venuto

If you've ever wanted a fat loss program that provides lasting results by effectively employing the three universal requirements for fat loss, there is no doubt that Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle is the program of choice.

Getting rid of body fat requires three measures: burning off excess fat, prevention of fat accumulation and a sound exercise program to accelerate the fat loss process.

Essentially, excess storage fat develops when intake of the food required to produce energy exceeds the amount of energy used in metabolism and in physical activity. Therefore, the elimination of excess fat must alter one or both aspects of the energy streams.

The options to get rid of this fat are to decrease energy intake or to increase energy output, or both. And no one would be better equipped to guide you to achieve this than an accomplished and professional body builder, such as Tom Venuto.

With his experience at achieving and maintaining a body fat level of 3.7% (every bodybuilder's dream), Tom Venuto begins your fat loss process by providing unique dietary techniques and instructions that perform both functions.

A positive aspect of his dietary techniques, as compared to those of other fat loss programs is that, on the one hand, they decrease the energy input without leaving you starved or affecting your general health as other diet regimens do, while on the other, they stimulate your metabolism to effectively burn off excess storage fat.

Further, Tom Venuto's dietary techniques are scientifically well researched and make changes to your diet on the basis of your body type classification - not as a sweeping formula for everyone like other programs do. As a result, you start eating right to not only burn off fat, but also prevent further fat accumulation.

Program Content

The e-book contains charts for calorie and nutritional content of recommended foods, protein, fat and carbohydrate tables, sample menus and a progress chart.

This cautious and professional approach to dietary changes is a major plus point for the program because most of the other programs embark on dietary alterations without taking into account the effect the changes would have on general health, such as loss of vital nutrients, proteins, vitamins etc. Burn The Fat's diet component pays particular attention to these factors.

Burn The Fat, however, is not just about making dietary changes. In that case it would be a diet only program. Next Tom introduces the exercise component of Burn The Fat. These exercises achieve two goals: one is to accelerate the ongoing fat loss process through stimulating your metabolism, and the other is to give your new leaner body a better tone and a muscular shape.

The exercises comprise of four do-it-at-home exercise programs designed to fit one's schedule and experience level. This includes "conservative" routines for "time-crunched" people.

In addition, Tom also provides fat-slashing cardio routines that require just few minutes a day.

Another unique aspect of Burn The Fat, which does not exist in any other fat loss program, is its ability to help you break through fat plateaus. This is because, despite fat loss efforts, often people reach a fat loss plateau and get stuck there. Through Tom's experience at maintaining a 3.7% body fat level, Burn The Fat devotes provides various techniques and ways to break through any fat loss plateau.

Having a lean and fit body is not just about burning off the excess fat after it accumulates. It is also about making changes that caused the fat accumulation in the first place, and although one may be quick to point out that it is excess fat that has made you out of shape, excess fat is only a consequence. This is an important aspect that all other fat loss programs miss.

Burn the Fat, on the other hand, clearly points out the primary cause that leads to excess fat accumulation: inappropriate lifestyles and habits. This varies from person to person. For some it is overeating or over-sleeping, for others it is binge eating, for yet others it is a lack of physical activity and so on. With Burn The Fat, you can identify the unhealthy lifestyle in your case, along with instructions about the changes you have to make.

Tom's honesty in approaching fat goals is obvious. He does not make fantastic claims and does not lead you up the garden path of setting ridiculous weight loss goals. Instead, he leads the user up the path of achievable goals, and provides ways to measure progress, body fat level etc, so you know where you are at with your fat loss program.

However, although you will effectively burn off fat and get lean, it takes a little longer to build muscle with the included muscle building component.

All in all, it is a well rounded fat loss program, dealing with the problem of execess body fat in all its dimensions. If you are sincere about learning and following proven, honest, logical and easy-to-read instructions to get rid of excess body fat, Burn The Fat has it all for you.

Also, you have the added advantage of taking Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle For a Risk-Free Test Drive. All purchases are protected by the Money-Back Success Guarantee.

Easy Fat burning Exercise Routines
Extensive fat burning dietary instructions along with calorie chart
15-20 minute workouts
Beyond Cardio exercise routine
Includes Vegetarian foods
Scientifically And Medically Sound
For Both Genders
Instant Access
Proven Results
Fat loss between 10-40 lbs p.m.
Permanent Fat Loss
Great looking body
Safe and Easy
No need for gym
No Calorie Counting
No Starvation
No Special Foods Or Ingredients
Start Immediately
8 Week Moneyback Guarantee
Best Deal
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