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What is Excess Storage Fat (Excess Weight)?

In common parlance, it is refered to as being 'over weight' or being obese, but what exactly does 'over weight' mean?

Bascially, being over weight is having an excessive accumulation of fat in the body, resulting in a body weight more than 20% above the average for height, age, sex, and body type, and in elevated risk of disability, illness, and death.

The human body is composed of bone, muscle, specialized organ tissues and fat. Together, all of these tissues comprise the total body mass, which is measured in pounds. Fat, or adipose tissue, is a combination of essential fat (an energy source for the normal physiologic function of cells and organs) and storage fat (a reserve supply of energy for future needs). When the amount of energy consumed as food exceeds the amount of energy expended in the normal maintenance of life processes and in physical activity, storage fat accumulates in excessive amounts. Essential fat is tucked in and around internal organs, and is an important building block of all cells in the body. Storage fat accumulates in the chest and abdomen, and, in much greater volume, under the skin.

To get rid of excess storage fat, you need a fat loss program or a fat loss diet that will burn the fat that is accumulated and at the same time reduce fat intake.

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