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Interval Training Secret To Fat Loss, Experts Say


Interval training -- brief periods of vigorous activity interspersed through extended exercises -- is a superior way to burn fat, according to Good Housekeeping Institute experts.

The exercise format can help you lose three times the fat in half the time.

Good Housekeeping's Jennifer Cook recommends adding bursts of "all-out" exercise to your routine.

The activity strengthens the heart and builds muscle, she said.

Health club manager Nicki Carosone said to start with a three-minute walk. Then, build to a three-minute light job and end with a two-minute sprint.

Boost the training by adding bouts of resistance training, like the squat. "You're going to want to do about 10 of these on each side.

Remember to breath through the exercise. Then you would go right back into your walking program," Carosone said.

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