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Bickies and booze at work a big, fat mistake


BOSSES who believe productivity can be lifted by providing biscuits in the tea room, chocolate vending machines in the hall and alcohol as a reward could be making a big, fat mistake.

Employees say employers should encourage their staff to eat healthily if they want work output to rise, a view shared by the weight-loss industry and nutritionists.

Employment services company Onetest surveyed 4400 people, with more than half saying their bosses should help them make healthy choices by providing nutritious snacks, giving out gym memberships and providing at-work stress relief massages.

Healthier and happier

"The survey results show that employers who adopt healthy initiatives in the workplace can expect improvements to productivity, with 92 per cent of respondents saying they are happier and more productive at work when they feel their best physically and emotionally,'' says Onetest's Brisbane-based managing director Steven Dahl.

"Feeling fit and healthy can boost energy levels and improve concentration, while health initiatives such as lunchtime walking groups can increase team bonding.

"We've found a great improvement at Onetest from healthy initiatives such as providing a healthy lunch for our people every day, with ping pong and foosball (table soccer) in the lunch room.'' ....continued

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