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Keys to Weight Loss Success : Variety
by Ann Handy


They say variety is the spice of life. I agree, especially when it comes to our weight loss journey.

As far as food is concerned, we pretty much know what we can eat or not eat, but if we plan ahead, we can think of some interesting ways to make different meals so we’re not eating the same things day to day.

With whatever diet we choose to do, staying on it can get monotonous. And let’s face it – some diets are bland and boring. But we do have options now.

We have diet centers that offer nutritious recipes and there are hundreds of recipe books on the market or we can even use the Internet and Google easy healthy recipes to try.

We can look for delicious and different alternatives to our low-sugar and low-fat requirements. If it tastes and looks good, we will eat it and stick to our diets. We do need to put some effort into planning our meals, because if we don’t change things up, we’ll have a hard time sticking to any diet.

We need to have some variety in order to stay interested. Variety in our food choices will help us succeed with our weight loss goals.

With our exercise program, we definitely need to switch things up in order to see results. Our bodies get used to the same routines and stop producing.

We need to do some cardio, which can be walking, bicycling, running or aerobic classes like kickboxing or spinning at a gym. We also need strength or resistance training which can be done with free weights, machines or even circuit training or bag training classes at a gym.

Pilates and yoga work the core and your state of mind. Again, planning out your workout routine each week and switching it up will keep your muscles surprised and working harder for you. Mix it up. If you don’t get bored you won’t quit.

You can even do combinations, like running and pilates one day, weight training and bicycling another. Switch it up week to week. Go outside sometimes. The change in scenery will help. Your body and mind will appreciate it and you won’t get bored. Boredom makes us not interested in trying anymore.

Variety relieves the boredom of routines. Variety spices up our food, spices up our workouts and spices up our lives. With variety, we have another key to success.

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