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How I dropped 10lbs in 25 days

by Jeffrey Grosskopf

NO Cardio

Look, if you love running and biking and Zumba class then do it. That’s fine. Here’s my point. It’s the least efficient way to loose weight. AND, i guarantee you’ll plateau faster and faster as you age. 


This is nothing against runners. Seriously. I used to love running an hour day. But this is for people that want to lose weight fast. If you love running then by all means keep running. 


“Cardio” should be called endurance training. Nothing you do isolates your cardiovascular system. In fact, it doesn’t need exercise. Your cardiovascular system simply adapts to your lifestyle as indicated by Cliff Manchester in his program The Chest Coach System


Cardio (long, slow workouts) cause many problems for people trying to loose weight. One is inflammation. Inflammation breaks down muscle. But do it too much (couple times week) and you never get a chance to fully recover. 


Just observe people at the gym. Lean people are on the weights (not cardio machines). 


I see a lot of people dong great at weight loss and they think more is better. So I recommend NO CARDIO.


Fasting is not starvation. Fasting is stopping from eating for a short period of time. It is perfectly healthy. 


There is no reason to eat every 3-4 hours. It goes against our DNA wiring.


I fasted everyday. 


I ate only between 1230pm and 830pm. The majority at night .

Food quality

I only ate organic food. This is very important. 


Food companies only care about taste. Those chemicals and preservatives are going to become cellulite. 


Let’s define “real” food. It has one ingredient. Chicken, broccoli, fish.


Also, I did not eat any grain. No corn, wheat, or rice. Or any other grain.


There is no ‘starvation mode’. Ask your trainer to define that one and give you research to back it up.


Fasting helps you build muscle, balance hormones, boost immunity, and cleanse. 


I only weight trained twice a week


My workouts are very, very specific, and scientific. I do single set pre-exhaustion weight training with a progression each workout. 


Bottomline, my workouts are 15-20 minutes.


I walk past all the boot camps at the gym and think how these people are wasting their time. Doing the least efficient workouts and just killing themselves. 


Let’s define ‘workout’: Something that stresses your body HARDER than what it’s used to. Everything else is just activity.


Activity tells your body not to change. Workouts create change. Change is good. 


Between workouts I stay active. I walk my dog. Do some yoga. That’s it.


The recovery is when you actually burn fat. Nothing happens during your workout. 


The workout breaks you down and cause your body to adapt. 


Part of my recovery are essentials: sleep, cod liver oil, probiotics, ghee, and lots of fat. 


My primary fuel source was fat. 


Your body needs water, fat, vitamin/minerals, protein, and cholesterol (that’s right. ditch the lipitor).


If you are on blood pressure or cholesterol meds weight loss is extremely hard because these drugs deplete essential minerals, are stave the cells or blood and nutrients. 

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