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4 Simple Yet Effective Fat Loss Tips


1. Go in for vegetable juices. While you might be drinking fruit juices in your bid to become slim, you might have overlooked the additional benefits of shifting to fresh vegetable juices.

Vegetables have lower level of sucrose or fructose as compared to fruits and you can thus cut down a few more calories and unwanted forms of sugar from your diet.

It would be best if you could eat your vegetables instead of drinking juices since you would also get additional fiber, but if you are short on time then vegetable juice is good enough and definitely better than fruit juice.

2. Maintain a balance. The word "balance" here implies to every aspect in your bid to lose weight, be it eating food, exercising, sleeping, working, etc. It is crucial to eat the right foods in the right quantity since a crash diet will only last for a few weeks or months.

Similarly, exercising vigorously for a few weeks will only end up damaging parts of your body and you will bloat again once you stop your exercise routine.

The secret is to engage in eating, drinking, exercising, working and sleeping moderately. Once you attain the right balance, you will happily lose weight and keep it away for life.

3. Getting fit is more important than simply losing weight. If you go on a crash diet then you might end up starving and melting your muscles instead of melting away stubborn flab.

This will worsen the situation since your fat will be left intact while your muscles would need serious rebuilding. The key is to start exercising along with a sensible diet and by eating low-calorie but high protein, moderate carbohydrate and low-fat foods to satisfy your hunger.

This will provide fuel for your exercises and burn fat away from your body while replacing it with healthy muscles.

4. Keep it natural. Instead of trying out magical pills, potions or lotions or mechanical gizmos that actually do the hard work and make it look as if you are exercising, keep it natural.

Exercise routines that include a mix of aerobics, walking, stretching and weights can make you sweat happily while melting away those pudgy pounds. Pills, lotions and potions can harbor serious side-effects that could make you regret your decision of trying them out.

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