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Eat Small, Smart And Right

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Strip That Fat diet program is one that is rapidly gaining popularity, promising users to not only lose weight, but to also remain that way for the rest of your life.

Strip That Fat revovles around eating delicious, healthy meals, preferably combined with moderate amounts of exercise.

The program comes with an online Diet Generator that is intended to simplify the meal planning process and works for everyone, immaterial of the amount of fat that needs to be eliminated.

Unlike many other popular diet programs, this diet focuses on permament weight loss rather than short term illusions. It precludes making changes in eating habits which remain permanent. There is no quick fix here.

This diet fundamentally consists of eating five moderate-sized meals a day, with the online Diet Generator enabling variety in your meals.

The Diet Generator is efficient and enables you to create thousands of meal plans, according to your preferences. That way you do not get bored with your dieting.

Although the program is primarily a diet only program that in itself provides substantial results, the author recommends incorporating some exercise to round up the entire weight loss effort.

This diet program does not involve calorie counting, special ingredients or supplements that several other diets require.

One of the hallmarks of the diet is that it emphasizes retraining your taste buds towards healthy foods rather than mere taste.

However, it does not compel you to eat somethihng that you dislike or are unable to eat for any reason. It provides sufficient and viable alternatives in such cases.

The only difficulty with Strip That Fat is for those of us who cannot eat five times a day, as suggested. The recommeneded way to work around this is to follow all the other requirements and eat larger meals interspersed with snacks in between meals.

Great diet on the whole. We give it a 4.5/5 rating.

5 stars
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8 Week Moneyback Guarantee



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