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joel marion cheat your way thin Diet Review Book Image
One of the positive aspects Joel Marion's Cheat Your Way Thin Diet is that it comes with 3 downloadable videos which explain exactly how the program works and how to benefit from it. Most diets do not offer such audio-visuals that make it easier to follow the diet. Further, Cheat Your Way Thin is different than many other diets in that it comes with reference cards and a diet generator which provide meal plans for different days.It also provides you with a specially-designed journal to keep track of the priogress in fat loss. A unique aspect of Cheat Your Way Thin is that, besides teaching you how to eat your favorite junk food once in a while without fat gain, it actually requires you to do this at least once a week.

The idea behind such eating of junk food in such is that by doing so, your metabolism, along with exercise, makes your body burn more calories than usuals.Substabtial research has gone into this diet program as is evident from the six years devoted by the author to study correlation between metabolism and weight loss and how these factors can be used to give you a lean body.

The program is simple and easy to follow. An added advantage is the 8 week money back guarantee. There are no risks involved.
5 stars
Diet Generator
3 Instruction Videos
Audio Instructions
Intermittent cheating on specific days of diet
For All Age Groups
For Both Genders
Instant Access VIA Download
Proven diet
Enormous Fat Loss
No Eating Restrictions
Scientifically Sound
Simple And Easy To Follow
No Need Special Foods/Ingredients
Start Immediately
8 Week Moneyback Guarantee

Our Rating of this program is 4/5. Definitely worth it.



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